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Auction 293 - Closes 12 Noon. Saturday January 26th, 2019.
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Auction 293

Records 76 to 100 of 1870  
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item artist description catalogue format bid
76 T. GRAHAM BROWN Brilliant Conversationalist: The power of love, Sittin' on the dock of the bay Capitol EST 2037, M/M-, 1987 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
77 DAVE BRUBECK Greatest Hits: Take five, It's a raggy waltz, Unsquare dance, Blue rondo a la CBS BPG 62710, M-/M-, 1966 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
78 DAVE BRUBECK Greatest Hits: Take five, It's a raggy waltz, Unsquare dance, Blue rondo a la CBS 62710, M/E+, reissue Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
79 DAVE BRUBECK Gone with the Wind: Swanee river, Camptown races, Ol' man river CBS Embassy EMB 31080, M/E+, 1974 reissue Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
80 DAVE BRUBECK Time In: Lost waltz, Softly William softly, Travellin' blues, Lonesome CBS BPG 62757, E-/M-, 1966 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
81 DAVE BRUBECK Time Changes: Iberia, Unisphere, Shim wa, World's Fair,Cable car BPG 62253, M-/M-, 1964 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
82 DAVE BRUBECK Countdown Time in Outer Space: Eleven four, Someday my prince will come CBS BPG 62013, E+/E, SSM, 1962 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
83 DAVE BRUBECK Time Out: Blue rondo a la Turk, Take five, Strange meadow lark, Pick up Fontana TFL 5085, E/E, 1959 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
84 DAVE BRUBECK Bravo!: Besame mucho, La bamba, La paloma azul, Poinciana, Estrellita CBS 63098, E+/E+, 1967 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
85 DAVE BRUBECK Time Further Out - Miro Reflections: It's a raggy waltz, Unsquare dance TFL 5161, E/E, 1961 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
86 DAVE BRUBECK Quartet Trio & Duo - Southern Scene: At the Darktown Strutters' ball TFL 5099, M-/M-, 1960 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
87 ROY BUCHANAN When a Guitar Plays the Blues: Chicago smokeshop, Why don't you want Sonet SNTF 940, M-/M, 1985 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
88 BUNCH Rock On: Loco-motion, My girl in the month of May, Nadine Island ILPS 9189, M/M-, no flexi, 1972 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
89 ERIC BURDON Declares War: The vision of Rassan, Tobacco Road, Spill the wine Polydor 2310 041, M/M-, 1970 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
90 GEORGE BURNS I Wish I Was Eighteen Again: Old bones, A real good cigar, The baby song Mercury 9100 074, M/M-, 1980 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
91 KENNY BURRELL Cool Cookin': All night long, My favorite things, Will you still be mine Checker 6467 310, E/E, SLM/SSM - library, 1972 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
92 DONALD BYRD Best: Blackbyrd, Change, Sky high, Stepping into tomorrow, Street lady US Blue Note 700, DR, M.M-, SSM, 1976 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
93 BYRDS Greatest Hits: Mr tambourine man, Turn turn turn, This wheel's on fire CBS Embassy 31381, M/E reissue Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
94 J.J.CALE Travel-Log: Shanghaid, New Orleans, Hold on baby, Tijuana, Lady luck Silvertone ORE LP 507, M/M, 1989, special inner Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
95 CAMEL Nude: City life, Drafted, Changing places, Pomp circumstance, Beached Decca SKL 5323, g/f, E+/E, 1981 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
96 CAMEL Music Inspired by The Snow Goose: The great marsh, Migration Decca SKL-R 5207, M-/E, pic inner, 1975 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
97 G.C.CAMERON : Dream lady, Truly blue, The joy you bring, Me and my life, Strong love STML 12029, SDJ, M/M-, 1976 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
98 CANNED HEAT Live at Montreux 1973: On the road again, Please Mr. Nixon, Let's work Vinyl Vault 003, dbl, sealed, 2012 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
99 CAPTAIN SENSIBLE Chock Full of Goodies Glad it's all over, Happy talk, There are more snakes A&M AMA 5026, M/M, 1983 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
100 LUIS CARDENAS Animal Instinct: I'm crying, Runaway, Hungry for your love, Go all the way Consolidated TOON LP 1, M-/E, 1986 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
Records 76 to 100 of 1870
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