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Auction 295 - Closes 12 Noon. Saturday July 20th, 2019.
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Auction 295

Records 76 to 100 of 1870  
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item artist description catalogue format bid
75 TERESA BREWER Greatest Hits: Music music music, A tear fell, A sweet old fashioned girl Philips 652 019, E-/E-, 1962 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
76 MICHAEL BROOK Cobalt Blues: Shona bridge, Breakdown, Red shift, Skip wave, Andean 4AD CAD 2007, M/M, special inner, 1992 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
77 BROTHERHOOD OF MAN Twenty Greatest: Save your kisses for me, Middle of the night, Angelo K-Tel BML 7980, M/M, 1978 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
78 JAMES BROWN Roots of a Revolution:I feel that old feeling coming on, Lost someone Polydor REVO 1, dbl, M/M, 1983 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
79 LES BROWN/VIC SCHOEN BANDS Double Exposure - Suite for Two Bands: Ballet in brass, Pipe dreams US Medallion 7523, g/f, E+/E+ Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
80 RUTH BROWN w. Thad Jones and Mel Lewis: Yes sir that's my baby, Sonny boy YAS 29003,M/M-, 1968 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
81 DAVE BRUBECK : Take five, Bossa nova USA, Some day my prince will come, It's a raggy CBS 31769, M/M, 1979 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
82 GARY BUCK Tomorrow Today: Mr. Brown,. Wild flower, Feelin' bad, Break my mind US/Canadian Capitol 62893, M-/M- Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
83 BUNNIES OF LONDON Caught Live at the Playboy Club: Something here in my heart, Bend me Decca LK 4951, E/E+, 1969 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
84 BURCH SISTERS New Fire: Everytime you go outside I hope it rains, Cold day in my heart US Mercury 836711, M/M, 1989 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
85 ERIC BURDON/ANIMALS Love Is: River deep mountain high, Ring of fire, Colored rain, Madman US MGM 4591, dbl, E+/E-, 1969 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
86 JERRY BUTLER Mr Dream Merchant: Lost, 100 lbs of clay, Alfie, When a woman loves a man Mercury MCL 201185, M/M, 1967 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
87 JONATHAN BUTLER : I miss your love tonight, Holding on, Reunion, All over you, Sunset Jive HIP 46, dbl, M/M, 1987 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
88 BYRDS History of??_: Mr. tambourine man, You ain't goin' nowhere, Chestnut mare CBS 68242, dbl, M/E, 1973 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
89 C.J. & CO. Devil's Gun: We got our own thing, Free to be me, Get a groove in order to USWestbound 6100, DR, M/E, 1977 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
90 CALDERA : Guanacaste, Coastin', Exaltation, Synesthesia, Out of the blue Capitol E-ST 11571, M/M-, 1977 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
91 CAMEL A Live Record: Never let go, Song within a song, Lunar sea, Skylines Decca DBC/R7-8, dbl, M/E+, 1978 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
92 CAMEL Rain Dances: First light, Highways of the sun, Unevensong, Elke Decca TXS-R 1124, M-/M-, sp. inner, 1977 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
93 CAMEL Moonmadness: Song within a song, Another night, Chord change TXS-R 115, g/f, M/M, 1976 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
94 CAMEL Moonmadness: Song within a song, Another night, Chord change TXS-R 115, g/f, M/M-, 1976 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
95 CAMEL The Collection: Aristillus, Freefall, Rhayader, Drafted, Migration Castle CCSLP 116, dbl, E+/E, SSM, 1985 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
96 CAMEL The Single Factor: No easy answer, You are the one, Camelogue, End Decca SKL 5328, M/E, lyric inner, 1982 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
97 JIM CAPALDI One Man Mission: Tonight, Young savages, Tales of power, Tonight WEA 251 350, M/M-, 1984 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
98 CAPTAIN BEEHEART/MAGIC BAND Unconditionally Guaranteed: Full moon hot sun, New electric ride Virgin V 2015, E, SSLM/E, 1974 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
99 CARAVAN Cunning Stunts:The show of our lives, The mad dabsong, Stuck in a hole Decca SKL-R 5210, E+/E, 1975 Vinyl LPs Min. Bid £1
Records 76 to 100 of 1870
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