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Auction 293 - Closes 12 Noon. Saturday January 26th, 2019.
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Auction 293

Records 1801 to 1825 of 1870  
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item artist description catalogue format bid
1802 DIANA ROSS/SUPREMES Anthology: 32 tracks on one long-play cassette Tamla Motown TC2-TMSP 6001, 1969 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1803 SAM & DAVE Best of??_: Hold on I'm coming, When something is wrong with my baby Atlantic K420073, Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1804 SAM & DAVE Double Dynamite: You got me hummin', Said I wasn't gonna tell nobody US Atlantic 80305, sealed Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1805 BOB SEGER/SILVER BULLET BAND Like a Rock: American storm, Like a rock, Tightrope, Sometimes, It's you TCEST 2011, 1986 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1806 SPICE GIRLS Spiceworld: Spice up your life, Stop, Too much, Never give up on the good TCV 2850, 1997 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1807 SPICE GIRLS Spice: Wannabe, Say you'll be there, Mama, Who do you think you are TCV 2812, 1996 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1808 BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN The River: The ties that bind, Paint blank, Independence day CBS double-play 885510, 1980 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1809 ROD STEWART A Spanner in the Works: Windy town, Leave Virginia alone, Lady luck Warners 45867, 1995 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1810 BOOKER T./MG'S Soul Dressing: Chinese checkers, Jellybread, Tic-tac-toe, Mercy mercy US At;antic 82337, sealed Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1811 TALK TALK The Colour Spring: Life's what you make it, Living in another world TC EMC 3506, 1986 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1812 TALK TALK The Party's Over: It's so serious, Today, Have you heard the news TC-EMC 3413, 1982 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1813 TALKING HEADS Little Creatures: Road to nowhere, And she was, Give me back my name EMI TAHTC 2, 1985 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1814 TALKING HEADS True Stories: Love for sale, Wild wild life, Puzzlin' evidence, Hey now EMI TC EU 3511, 1986 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1815 TALKING HEADS Stop Making Sense: Psycho killer, Burning down the house, Take me to the EMI 240243, 1984 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1816 TINA TURNER Break Every Rule: Typical male, What you get is what you see, Paradise is TCEST 2018, 1986 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1817 TINA TURNER Private Dancer: I might have been Queen, Help, 1984, I can't stand the rain TC-TINA 1, 1984 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1818 LUTHER VANDROSS Busy Body: I wanted your love, I'll let you slide, Make me a believer US Epic FET 39196, 1983 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1819 ROGER WATERS Radio Kaos: One need information EMI Chrome TC-KAOS 1, 1987 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1820 LABYRINTH Soundtrack - David Bowie EMI America TCAML 3104, 1984 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1821 MOTOWN STORY Two cassettes in hinged box (box VG+) TC TNMSP 113 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1822 PHILADELPHIA INT. ALL-STARS Let's Clean up the Ghetto: no tracks listed!! US Phil. Int 34659, 1977 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1823 STAX/VOLT REVUE Vol.1 - Live in London: Booker T./MG's, Carla Thomas, Maar-Keys US Atlantic 82341, sealed Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1824 TIME Cast recording. Cliff Richard, Laurence Olivier, Freddie Mercury EMITC CAMPM 1, two cassettes in slipcase Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1825 150 HITS OF MOTOWN GOLD 9 cassettes (all sealed) in sturdy open-front box Motown 241048, Italian manufacture, 19856 Cassette Min.Bid 50p
1826 JOB LOT About 180 Cassettes, mostly commercial, and some advance copies Bid as a lot, 16kg = £13 carriage (UK) Cassette Min.Bid 50p
Records 1801 to 1825 of 1870
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